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Which programming languages ​​are used for blockchain?

All applications on our devices are generally written in a programming language for their purposes. This goes the same for blockchain. Although, a blockchain can be written in different programming languages. Bear in mind that, if you want to create a blockchain as a developer, you will have to know in which programming language you’ll have to write your code. Find out more below about the most popular programming languages ​​for blockchains.


The most popular blockchain programming languages

Below you see the most popular programming languages ​​for blockchain. Do you want to learn a programming language to code blockchain? Then we recommend that you start with one of the programming languages ​​below!


Solidity is perhaps the first programming language you should learn if you want to program blockchains. Solidity is widely used for dApps. These are applications that run on the blockchain. Why is Solidity so important? It is in fact the programming language developed by Vitalik Buterin, the brain behind Ethereum . 

When you use solidity, you will experience the following benefits:

– It is user-friendly for developers

– Very accurate

– It is a statically typed programming language

– Accessibility to JavaScript infrastructures


It is one of the newest programming languages ​​on this list. Still, it is considered one of the most innovative and secure solutions for blockchains. Developers can set up a fast and effective blockchain with Rust. With Rust, they can also easily develop mechanisms to manage mutable states and optimize the code. Another advantage of Rust is that it makes much better use of memory.


Python has been a very popular programming language since 1991, even for app developers. However, Python is also used for blockchains. For example, SteemNEO and Hyperledger Fabric use Python. It is a language that many developers have mastered. Therefore, many developers use Python to create dApps and smart contracts.

The advantages of Python are

– It’s easy to learn

– Provides open-source support

– It is efficient for prototyping

– Many developers know it


Java is the official programming language for Android mobile app development. But it is also considered a great programming language for Blockchain development.

Thus, it is also one of the most popular blockchain programming languages, which is used by IOTA, NEO, and NEM, among others. 


Rholang works object-oriented. This is in contrast to the popular programming languages ​​C++ and Python. By working in this way, Rholang assesses an app as a series of functions and then solves them sequentially. It is therefore a programming language used by various developers.

For example, smart contracts are built-in Rholang. It is a perfect programming language for decentralized applications.


In this list we also have programming languages ​​that are less known but are still very popular for blockchain developers. Erlang is a textbook example of this. It has many advantages. For example, it has high scalability, it is immutable, it has many backend functions and it is easy to use. That is why many developers 


Golang is the programming language developed by Google. It is also one of the best programming languages ​​for blockchain. It is used by Go-Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric, among others. The language is very easy to learn. So if you don’t know how to program yet, Golang is a prime programming language to start with.

With Golang you can also use the best features of JavaScript and Python. So it is user-friendly, scalable, flexible, and fast. Golang allows developers to deliver custom blockchain solutions. It is therefore increasingly used by the developers of blockchain.


C# is an old-school programming language developed by Microsoft as a replacement for Java. This programming language contains many functions of C, SQL, and NET. It is also very popular with blockchain developers. So it is not only used for developing applications for central systems, which many people think.

Because C# is easy to understand and learn, it is a very accessible programming language. In addition, it is also open-source, so the possibilities are endless. Because of the BizSpark program, is very cost-effective. This makes it even more accessible for newcomers. But what is C# used for? Well, especially for the development of smart contracts, dApps and the infrastructure of blockchain environments.


JavaScript is extremely popular for app and game development. It is also a popular programming language for blockchains. Many developers are familiar with JavaScript. It is easy to learn and apply. Hence, it is along with the improved scalability and good integration with other resources and popular blockchain programming language.


In 1985 Bjarne Stroustrup developed C++. Despite being an old programming language, it is the best language for cryptocurrency development. For example, many cryptocurrencies use C++. Think EOS , Bitcoin , Litecoin , Ripple and Stellar . 


Vyper is a new programming language that originated from Python 3. It is therefore very similar to the Python programming language. That is also the reason that these two programming languages ​​can work well together. They make each other better than when used solo.

Actually, Vyper was developed as a replacement for Solidity. So it is also quite similar to Solidity, although Vyper uses a different structure than Solidity. Another difference is that Vyper handles security vulnerabilities in a different way. 


You might not expect it, but SQL is also used for blockchains. It stands for Structured Query Language, and is best known as a means of communication between databases. Because of this, it was also developed by IBM, so that it could communicate with MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL and SQL servers.

Yet it is also used by developers of blockchain. For example, Aerogo uses SQL. It is also perhaps the easiest programming language to learn. So if you’re really a complete newcomer to the world of coding, SQL wouldn’t be a bad choice to start with.

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