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What is Voyager Token? How To Buy, Expectations And Predictions. Everything You Need To Know About VGX

There are more and more possibilities where every investor at any level can invest in crypto. This growing popularity is not only accompanied by the number of additional projects, but also has a growing complexity. There are now so many different gateways to the world of crypto that this world has become fragmented and young investors have no idea how to invest. Voyager is an online broker that focuses on digital assets to give everyone access to the world of crypto.

What is Voyager Token?

Voyager is an online broker service that aims to make the crypto market accessible, open, safe and fair for everyone. The principle of a broker is not new. For years we have known brokers that serve as intermediaries to make the effective investment. With their knowledge and expertise, they entered the trading market with your assets to make the best trade. Where in the past you had to call a broker to make a certain trade, we now want more autonomy and transparency to stay sufficiently informed about a trade, without having to execute it effectively. Investors only want the best for their investment and are looking for the most suitable entry points to get acquainted with the world of crypto. Even more experienced traders can use the platform thanks to the implementation of the Smart Order Route,

The team therefore believes that a regulated crypto broker is desperately needed to address certain pain points in the current market. Think of the lack of liquidity that is unknown to many investors, the often too high transaction costs and the complex accessibility that both other brokers and exchanges offer. It is therefore their mission to tackle these problems.

Broker vs. exchange

An exchange is a platform where users can exchange digital currencies for other assets. This is, for example, from fiat money to a certain currency, but with advanced platforms you can also trade different currencies directly with each other. Here you trade directly on the platform and you do not have an intermediary.

A broker, on the other hand, is an intermediary that will execute the effective trades for you. You give your currency to this broker and it will look for the best trades for you on any platform. At the end of this trade, he will transfer this currency to your personal wallet. In this way, novice investors can also enjoy the world of crypto without having extensive knowledge.

Lack of liquidity

Liquidity is an important factor when we talk about trades and trading. This has a direct influence on the buying and selling price of your digital currency. Even for experienced traders it is sometimes difficult to find the best price between all those different exchanges. Of course everyone wants the best price without paying additional costs, for example through slippage. Due to the lack of sufficient liquidity, the price can therefore deviate by a number of percent.

Voyager has designed the Dynamic Smart Order Router and Custody solution to address this liquidity problem. Orders placed with Voyager are routed and distributed across different exchanges to offer the best price to consumers everywhere. This requires an extensive network with all kinds of exchanges to realize this promise.

High cost

Buying and selling crypto through a broker is associated with a certain fee. These costs depend on the size of the purchase but also on the liquidity of the platform. In addition, consumers often do not know where these additional transaction costs come from.

Voyager therefore works without commission. Anyone can trade through the platform with Voyager guaranteeing them the best deal at no additional cost. Before you make the trade, you will receive an overview of all costs associated with this. That way you always have transparency. Is the broker able to give you a cheaper price for your purchase? Then you also earn extra on this!

Poor accessibility

The interface of an exchange and/or broker service can be overwhelming for new users and even more experienced traders and brokers often find it difficult to find the best market price between different exchanges.

Although these exchanges and brokers often have an application, mobile access to the platform is often an afterthought. A simplified interface is usually accompanied by a lack of functionality where you can never achieve the best trade. The team emphasizes that accessibility for all, via mobile apps, is the future we should invest in.

The team has extensive experience building highly successful applications aimed at consumer use. Well-known achievements in this regard are Uber and Apple, which are used by millions of people from all over the world. Accessibility and ease of use are central to this development.

Token swap

Until recently, it was not possible to immediately swap tokens on the Voyager platform. Due to continued community demand, the team has been working on a series of smart contracts to enable these, for their new way of doing business. At the end of April, they confirmed that it is possible to swap XVG directly with an OCT token

$VGX Token

The Native Broker Token VGX is an ERC20 utility token that is built on the Ethereum blockchain and keeps the ecosystem operational. The token also has a governance function where the network can vote on future changes. It is possible to stake your tokens and receive interest for this, or these tokens can also be used to get additional applications in the network. By using the VGX platform, users always have the advantage of being in control of their own access keys without being limited to trade with their currencies.

Voyager App

Voyager’s application is designed to provide investors with a wide range of crypto assets in a user-friendly interface. Regardless of your level of knowledge or experience, Voyager aims to innovate the app thanks to its accessible and user-friendly interface. The application is currently only available in America, with the exception of New York.

Smart Order Router

This implemented technology looks at the liquidity across dozens of exchanges and liquidity providers to ensure the best trade. Normally, an investor should have multiple accounts on different exchanges to keep looking for the best price. Voyager bundles these possibilities in one application and thus avoids unnecessary complexity.


Users who keep their currency on the platform are rewarded with interest. For this they have quoted a minimum balance that is necessary before you receive interest. At the time of writing it is possible to earn interest on 24 coins. Withdrawing from VGX automatically earns you 7% in the first year.


coin Interest balance
USDC 9% 100 USDC
BTC 6.25% 0.01 BTC
ETH 5.25% 0.5 ETH
DOT 8% 25 DOTS
VGX 7% 500 VGX
DASH 3% 1.5 DASH


Loyalty program

Voyager uses 3 different loyalty programs that each have different benefits: Adventurer, Explorer and Navigator. By using various loyalty programs, the platform aims to bind users and reward them as they move higher in this ranking.

Cash back rewards

Every transaction made through the Voyager App guarantees the best price through the integration of Smart Order Router. This price improvement means Voyager analyzes the market to make your trade better than the price quoted in the app. As a reward here you will receive 2x or even 3x, depending on your loyalty status, the price improvement you would normally have paid. This is paid in the native token VGX.

The Smart Order Router looks for inefficiencies in the market and takes advantage of these price differences. This way you get a better price for your transactions. When Voyager manages to beat the quoted price, they take a fraction of the savings. The remaining difference goes directly to the investors. This allows them to trade commission-free and only make money if the investor saves money.

Withdrawal Fee

Such a platform often offers favorable rates, but have unnecessarily high withdrawal costs. We see more often that when a user wants to withdraw their investment, this is accompanied by unforeseen withdrawal costs. Loyalty program members can pay this fee in VGX tokens and save up to 30% of this withdrawal fee.

Token burn

In order to reduce the circulating supply of the tokens and thus somewhat regulate the price, Voyager is introducing a 25% token burn on all VGX tokens used to pay withdrawal fees in the Voyager app from members of the Voyager Loyalty program.

Recurring buying

The principle of recurring buying is that you can prepare trades in the application. This is done on the basis of limit orders. You can already determine how much you want to buy or sell when the token reaches a certain price. Trading on the basis of limit orders, we see more buybacks on different exchanges. This is done in order to get a favorable price for your purchase.


The application features an extensive news section. You will be kept informed of the latest news in the crypto market. You can filter on your favorite coins, so you only receive information that is of interest to you. You can then, if desired, immediately pass on signals to your broker in the same digital environment to make a certain trade. According to the team, this all-in-one environment is a strength that not many other brokers have.


The parent company of Voyager Token is Crypto Trading Technologies and is led by a group of experienced online broker services. In this way they bundle all experience and expertise to offer the best services in the easiest possible way. With more than 30 offices across America and 300 employees, they work day and night to innovate.

Stephen Ehrlich, Voyager’s CEO, is considered a true veteran of the financial market, especially as a broker. He has been developing trading platforms for years. He was also a former CEO of E*TRADE Professional Trading LLC. He is joined by Philip Eytan, one of the founding investors of Uber, Source and Livestream.

Oscar Salazar is an investor and experienced developer of various mobile applications. He is one of the developers and Chief Technical Officer of Uber.


Currently they don’t have an official roadmap, but answer all questions about the future of the project in their FAQs. A recurring question is whether it is possible to trade instantly between different currencies. Until recently it was not possible to do this, but the project is giving a voice to the community and has recently started to make this possible on a small scale.

In their offer they have 50+ digital assets that you can trade and on a regular basis the project invests to add new coins to their offer. They keep their community informed about the latest developments through their blog channel on their website.

It is somewhat remarkable that you can only download the app in America. We are therefore curious whether we can also use this application in Europe and the Netherlands in the near future.

Where can I buy Voyager Token?


In a dynamic world that is receiving more and more attention from the general public, we often don’t know where to start investing. Unfortunately, it often happens that new investors with insufficient knowledge participate in trades where they lose a lot of money unnecessarily. A possible solution is to have your investments made by a broker, who has more knowledge and experience in this financial market.

In the past, the distance between the broker and the investor was relatively large, so that you were only involved in your investments to a limited extent. Now, with the Voyager App, you have full transparency in the trades that are made and you manage your own portfolio at all times. Currently, the application is only available in America, but there are plans to make the application available elsewhere as well.

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