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What is My Neighbor Alice? How To Buy, Expectations And Predictions. Everything You Need To Know About ALICE

My Neighbor Alice is a blockchain game or game based on the use of NFTs or a non-fungible token. You can buy land in the game, and through various activities you engage in in the game, you can also earn passive income. For example by fishing or growing different vegetables. The game also aims to be socially active and get to know your neighbors. Can the band ‘Smokie’ with their 1976 hit ‘Living next door to Alice’ suck, or were they just clairvoyant? We are going to explain what My Neigbor Alice is and how to play the game. And of course everything else you want to know about Alice and were afraid to ask.

What is My Neighbor Alice?

My Neighbor Alice (MNA) is a multiplayer blockchain game and you can buy land on the game and build on the land. The first land sales took place in May 2021. NFTs are used. A non-fungible token or NFT is a unique token that lives on the blockchain. There is only one copy of it, as opposed to a ‘fungible’ token. You can compare it to a bottle of Grolsch beer. When it’s gone, grab a new bottle, it doesn’t really matter which bottle. All Grolsch bottles are interchangeable. This is in contrast to an NFT, there is only one of them and it is not exchangeable, because it is unique.

For example, the pieces of land on My Neigbhbor Alice are all NFTs. There are other items that you can buy or build, which are also NFTs. These can be vegetables, animals, houses, a fence or you name it. Your avatar, the digital ‘you’ in the game, is also an NFT.

The great thing about MNA is that you don’t need any knowledge of NFTs or the blockchain to play. The game is free to access, but if you want to progress through the game, you’ll have to buy some NFT anyway. More on this in a moment.

Also important to mention is that MNA is completely controlled by the participants of the game. For this you need to own ALICE tokens. The more tokens you own, the relatively more say you get.

Fun fact, MNA is the 18th project on the Binance Launchpool !

Note: Please note that the text below about the My Neighbor Alice game (ALICE) as well as the explanation thereof should in no way be taken as advice. The choice for whether and in what way you want to trade (crypto) and which choices you make in terms of investment is up to you and you alone. We are not financial advisors.

In this short video you can already get a taste of what it will be like in the game.

How do you play My Neighbor Alice?

A test version of My Neighbor Alice was made accessible in January 2021, but it could only be played by invitation. A public version of the game is planned to be released on the Steam platform in July 2021. The full game is scheduled for early 2022. Steam is a game platform, where the onboarding of the game takes place. Onboarding is also possible via the MNA website.

My Neighbor Alice is free to play, but you will need to purchase NFTs if you want to achieve anything in the game.

For example, there are several components in the game that we are going to explain to you. What they are and what you can do with them.

Virtual countries

These are important in the game. When you buy land, you can build on it or grow something, or both! There is no unlimited amount of land available or stocked, so just like in the real world, land ownership is a good idea. Any piece of land, no matter how small or large it is, is an NFT. If you own land, you can rent or grow and sell it, host events, and charge entrance fees. This way you can earn passive income.


On islands you can build infrastructure, such as houses or gardens where you grow vegetables. You can also set up other in-game items, such as a windmill. The islands have several tracts of land that will be put up for sale soon. The first public sale took place in May 2021.


These represent the players of the game. You can completely customize your avatar, with your own clothes, shoes and later even with your own color eyes. The avatars are interactive towards each other, so you can ‘really’ befriend your neighbor. Over time, during the game, you can also customize the avatars with different NFTs.

In-game items

During the game you can buy various in-game items. Think for example of houses, animals, plants, sheds, a bale of hay, etc. You can then exchange or buy these on your own MNA marketplace. It is good to note that you can also use some NFTs in different games. A sword is an example, not very effective in MNA, but you get a bit of an idea.
Just be creative, you can create your own NFTs and fit into the game. Think of agricultural machines, such as a tractor or a harvester. There will be an MNA specific tool with which you can create your own NFTs.

Reputation System

You can build your reputation by being a ‘good’ neighbor or wife and you get several benefits. For example, you can participate in the community council.

Decentralized Forum

There will be a decentralized forum where you can discuss all kinds of things that are important to the game. You can make new friends, but you also know when a new vote is from the DAO (Decentralized autonomous organization). This DAO is where all decisions about the game are made by the participants.

The NFT Marketplace

On this marketplace you can buy or sell NFTs, but also rent or rent them out. It is a trading place for all in-game items. What’s nice about this game is that you can sell the NFTs on other NFT marketplaces as well. This gives you the flexibility to trade your NFTs on different NFT platforms. In this way you increase the liquidity of the items. It is also a good way to build interest in MNA and attract new players to the game.

The Chromia Blockchain

My Neighbor Alice is built on the Chromia blockchain . At first glance, this may seem a bit strange, as the Ethereum blockchain is the most obvious. But that’s where it immediately becomes a bit of a squeeze when we talk about the Ethereum blockchain. When you build dApps on the Ethereum blockchain, you run into a few problems. Among other things, it is very busy on Ethereum and that can cause congestion and delays. The second problem is the high gas costs on Ethereum. Despite the fact that this is the second largest blockchain at the moment, it is unfortunately not always bright and sunny on Ethereum.

For these reasons, the team behind MNA has opted for the Chromia blockchain. It is built on top of Ethereum and it solves the problem of scalability for the development and execution of dApps. For example, Chromia has its own CHR token and dApp developers can issue their own CHR-supported tokens.

NFTs on Chromia

That Chromia manages the backend functionality is therefore a good thing, because in this case MNA pays the nodes of Chromia in their own CHR token. This allows players to participate in MNA without having to own crypto themselves. In-game assets are present in the form of NFTs. They can be traded on both the Binance Smart Chain and the Ethereum blockchain without any problems. However, each NFT also has some kind of copy on the Chromia blockchain, a Chromia Original NFT, and it has the ability to store more metadata. This in itself opens the door to new applications for these ‘hybrid’ NFTs.
Chromia makes it possible to run the game without a central server. All information from the game is thus stored in a secure and transparent way on the Chromia side chain.

Decentralized play

The big difference with traditional games and a decentralized and blockchain game such as MNA, is that you can own objects at MNA. In traditional games, all items belong to the game’s owners. With MNA and similar blockchain games, you simply own the NFTs.

You can basically do what you want with it. Build, buy or sell your own NFT, rent or otherwise earn passive income from your NFTs.

Owning ALICE tokens also gives you control over how the game will develop. You can vote in decisions about what the game will look like in the future. Any winnings also go to the token holders and not to the owners of the game, as with traditional games. I see that as a very positive development.

The ALICE token

The ALICE token is the native token for MNA and it is both an ERC20 token and a BEP-20 token. So, while the game is free to participate in, you’ll want to buy in-game items at some point. Especially if you want to actively participate in the game. These items can then only be purchased with ALICE.

Features of the ALICE token from My Neighbor Alice

To strike

However, you can also earn passive income by staking the ALICE token. This will earn you more ALICE. Stakes also give you the opportunity to fully exploit certain facets of the game. By staking, for example, you can open a shop or take part in special, limited tasks in the form of quests. You can also earn more ALICE if you participate in various other activities within the game. There are competitions, in-game quests and you can complete tasks to earn more ALICE.


Another option that we have already discussed is the ability to co-pilot MNA. The more ALICE you have, the greater or heavier your voice will weigh in community decisions. Ultimately, the board determines how MNA will develop further and which direction the game will take.

There are currently 17.4 million ALICE tokens in circulation and the maximum amount is 100 million. So only 17% has been spent.

Where can you buy ALICE

ALICE is a popular currency and can already be bought on many CEXs (central exchange) and DEXs (decentral exchange). This while the game isn’t even fully live yet.

Binance, Bithumb and are well-known central exchanges. Pancakeswap V2 is a well-known DEX where you can buy Alice.

It is in line with expectations that as the game becomes even more available, more grants will also offer ALICE.

What is the price of ALICE

MyNeighborAlice (ALICE) EUR 5.60 (-6.10%)

How can you keep ALICE?

You can store the ALICE token in several ways. The first option is to store the wallet on the exchange where you buy the token. However, keep in mind that there is always a risk that a stock exchange will be hacked.

As a second option, it is better to have an online wallet such as Metamask or a comparable wallet. Now you are in possession of the private keys and it is already a lot more difficult for a hacker to get to your coins. However, if you manage to lose your private keys, you will no longer have access to your own coins, if your computer crashes, for example. You can no longer access your wallet. These private keys are therefore important and you should keep them well, preferably in different, safe places.

As a third option, you also have a hardware wallet such as Ledger or Trezor. Now your coins are safely off-line and no one can get your coins. However, the same story applies here for your private keys. Keep it safe, in a few different places.


My Neighbor Alice is a promising game that isn’t even fully live yet. The game opens up new perspectives in the gaming world, partly because you own the NFTs yourself. The game also gives you the opportunity to earn passive income.

Technically, it also looks good. Running the game on the Chromia blockchain seems like a smart move.

The barrier to entry to the game is also very low as it is free to start and play. Onboarding is also kept very simple. However, once you start playing, you will soon notice that it is necessary to buy ALICE tokens anyway, so that you can also participate more actively in the game.

I can hardly wait for the game to be completely ready by the end of 2022!

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