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What Is MOBOX? How To Buy, Expectations And Predictions. Everything You Need To Know About MOBOX

MOBOX introduces the world to the new trend of GameFi. This is a combination of gaming, NFT and DeFi applications where users earn money while gaming. With the help of liquidity pools and farming rewards you receive your own NFTs that can be worth a lot of money. Players can choose different strategies to maximize their returns, as well as create unique NFTs that they can use in the game.

What is NFT in gaming?

The principle of video games has changed drastically over the past decades. Whereas not so long ago we played with a simple card game online, we are now in a completely different technological era of complicated games, computers and now also dApps. This technology opens the way to NFTs in games. Several years ago we saw the success of Cryptokitties in 2017 and now in 2021 we see that NFTs and DeFi games are more successful than ever.

We see a new genre of blockchain gaming emerging, combining different elements of DeFi and gaming. The MOBOX interactive platform is one example of this.

What is MOBOX?

MOBOX is the world’s first yield farming and NFT platform that combines the world of DeFi with Gaming NFTs. Users can sign up for free and play through yield farming in various interactive games where they can win rewards. In addition to an attractive APY, players also receive tokens during the games, where they can earn passive income by playing on the MOBOX platform. In addition, MOBOX also uses MOMOs that open the world to gaming NFTS.

What are MOMOs?

A MOMO is a specially designed NFT that is uniquely used in the MOBOX platform. These unique GameFi NFTs give players and traders the opportunity to earn and collect these unique NFTs while playing different games. These MOMOs form the basis of the MOBOX platform and all games are built in function of these MOMOs. By providing liquidity to MOBOX, you receive unique keys for this. You can use this key to unlock a BOX to unlock and mint your own MOMO.

Each MOMO is different in nature and has different properties. These are important to the game because you want a powerful player who can beat the competition. Are you not satisfied with the current qualities of your MOMO? Then you can upgrade it based on your MBOX tokens.


Each MOMO is an NFT but comes from a certain series. In the platform you can see at the NFT marketplace which other MOMOs belong to the same series. Have you collected them all? Then your MOMOs will get an extra boost that will make them even stronger during the duel against other players. Here you can also immediately see the current price of each MOMO, which varies between 30 and 300 dollars. It is also possible to trade your MOMOs against other players.


MOBOX currently has 5 different games online where you can earn money with your rewards and your unique NFTs in different ways. We discuss a number of games and explain how they work so that you can also earn money while gaming.

MOMO Farmer

An important part of DeFi is farming. This is the process of adding liquidity to a pool and getting a portion of the transaction fees as a reward. The more liquidity you contribute, the higher your share is. You can add liquidity based on one crypto currency, or on the basis of two different cryptos. The value must be in balance with a ratio of 1:1. After this you will receive LP tokens. This is a representation of your share in this pool. You can also use these LP tokens to receive additional rewards.


After adding liquidity, you will receive unique keys. How quickly you receive a key depends on your stake and your pool multiplier. Each key entitles you to one box. Do you just want to buy a key? You can do that in the ‘Market’ section of the platform.


Do you want to open a chest? Then you only have to approve the transaction for this. You pay a small fee for this. Because MOBOX is operable on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), the fees are not astronomically high. You can open up to 3 chests together, this saves you transaction costs.

Now you have your own unique NFTs, your first MOMO. This is automatically staked, which means you earn MBOX tokens. If you’re lucky, you just got a rare or very expensive MOMO. If not, you can choose to upgrade the MOMOs. Note: only EPIC and RARE MOMOs can be upgraded. In your personal dashboard you can see your own MOMOs. You can check here whether or not you can upgrade it.

To upgrade a MOMO, you must use other MOMOs. You are, as it were, sacrificing another MOMO to upgrade the other. The MOMOs used in the upgrade will be burned afterwards.

MOMO Mining Camp

Any MOMO you have received from your keys will automatically be used for mining . Every MOMO has a unique hash power, this is the power that every MOMO has to start mining. In this Mining Camp you can also claim any MBOX that your MOMOs have mined. Remember that this transaction also involves gas fees that you pay in the form of BNB tokens.

Do you have a MOMO that you are not happy with, or would you rather invest in an upgrade? You can always sell your MOMOs in the market department.


Trade Action

At Trade Action you can test whether you are a good trader on the basis of various mini games. Can you anticipate the market well and are you the strongest player? Conquer your position in the leaderboard and receive different rewards so that you beat your competitors in these different mini-games.


Each player will receive 1 million virtual dollars at the start of each competition. Your goal is to buy and sell different crypto based on the changing price, in order to maximize your profits. Your skills as a trader are tested here using virtual money. All players are ranked according to their win and loss during the match.

The aim of this interactive game is to introduce young investors to the world of crypto trading . In this way you can gain experience through a virtual game, and then take your chances on the crypto market.

Bull vs. bear

A market cycle consists of a bull and a bear market. But when exactly are we in which phase? During the game bull vs. bear you get a simulation of the price where you have to guess or predict whether the price will rise or fall in the next 2 minutes. Are you good at analyzing the market and living up to this prediction? Then you will receive points and you will get your place on the leaderboard.


The largest profits are usually realized by using leverage, also known as leverage. This is very risky and is therefore only done by very experienced traders. Through the game LeverageMania you learn to trade in a playful way via the leverage method. You get tokens that you then wager with leverage between 100x and 1000x.

MOBOX games

MOMO Token Master Game

Token Master is the biggest game on the MOBOX platform. Here, players can play different games and compete against each other with the aim of earning as many gold coins as possible. These represent your position in the game. By earning more coins, you will rise in the ranking and become stronger than your opponent.

You will also see how many MBOX tokens you have in the central BOX wallet . In this in-game interface you will not see the current MBOX tokens that you have in your MetaMask, for example. These are only from the BOX wallet that you can find on your dashboard. All the rewards you receive will be added to this personal BOX wallet.

In-game applications

The game has different games and assignments, all with one goal: to collect as many gold coins and MBOX tokens as possible. Every day you get a number of assignments that you can complete in exchange for tokens. These make your MOMOs more powerful, allowing you to take out the opponent faster.

MOMO Adventure

The core of Token Master takes place in the MOMO Adventure section. Here you challenge your opponents to a duel where you compete with your MOMO. You can choose up to 3 MOMO NFTs to compete simultaneously. With every win you receive coins that you can use again in the platform. In addition, your MOMOs also get more experience points, so that they become better and better. You can compare this with the early years of Pokemon where you had to train your Pokemons by going into duels with others.

Are you ready for battle? In the banner of your interface, you will see ‘Plunder’ at the bottom. Here you look for opponents to fight. This game is inactive, which implies that the MOMOs are fighting on their own. Only afterwards do you know who has won and whether you will receive extra rewards. Have you lost the battle and want revenge? Just request a rematch!

MOBOX Token Master

Lucky wheel

MOBOX rewards players who actively trade on the platform. For every 25 MBOX tokens you spend in Token Master Game, you will receive one spin on the lucky wheel. Here you have a chance to win different prizes. You can then use these coins to boost your game.

Buyback and burn

MOBOX uses buyback and burn to regulate token circulation. For example, 80% of all profits on the platform, including transaction costs, go to an automatic buyback and burn pool consisting of BNB tokens. Smart contracts constantly monitor the average price of MBOX tokens over the last 72 hours. When the price falls below this average, the smart contract is activated to exchange the money in the pool for MBOX tokens at any time.

MOBOX token burn

MBOX Tokens

MBOX is a DAO token, meaning MOBOX is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization. The community and the players control the organization, as it were, and they will also get more governance functions with the native token in the future.

MBOX’s protocol is operable on the Binance Smart Chain and thus is a BEP20 token. It has a total supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens distributed over a 5-year period.

year Part Quantity (MBOX)
1 40.00% 400,000,000
2 22.50% 225,000,000
3 17.50% 175,000,000
4 12.50% 125,000,000
5 7.50% 75,000,000
Total 100% 1,000,000,000

These total numbers are distributed annually according to a fixed distribution key, with the community receiving the most tokens. Below is an overview that remains the same every year.

Part Quantity (MBOX)
Community 51.00% 204,000,000
Contributors 21.00% 84,000,000
Strategic Partners 8.00% 32,000,000
Team MOBOX 20.00% 80,000,000
Total 100% 400,000,000


MOBOX has made a flying start, but still has a very impressive roadmap that they work hard on every day. Here we discuss a number of objectives for the coming period:

  • Cross Chain Yield Farming

All yield farming will take place on the Binance Smart Chain for the time being. Interoperability is becoming increasingly important and with the latest developments of the DeFi applications, MOBOX does not want to be left behind. That is why they are investing in the development that leads to cross-chain yield farming, which they want to have fully operable by early 2022.

  • MOBOX NFT Creator Platform

Currently, players use MOMOs that they receive at random. They therefore do not yet have the option to create NFTs themselves on the platform. By using your own creations, the platform gets an extra dimension and will attract new players.

  • Platform wide chat system

Like many interactive games, MOBOX will invest in a chat feature that allows active users to interact with each other during the game.

Binance Launchpool

Since August 20, 2021, Binance users will be able to stake their BNB, MBOX or BUSD tokens in exchange for MBOX tokens. This strike has a duration of 30 days and is distributed as follows:

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 MBOX

Launchpool Supply: 3,000,000 MBOX

Supported Polish:

Stake BNB: 2,100,000 MBOX in rewards (70%)

Stake MBOX: 600,000 MBOX in rewards (20%)

Stake BUSD: 300,000 MBOX in rewards (10%)

Farming Period: 2021-08-20 00:00 AM (UTC) to 2021-09-18

Mobox Price

MOBOX (MBOX) EUR 2.17 (-4.33%)


With the development of blockchain technology and the world of DeFi, more and more is becoming possible. MOBOX combines the power of the latest technology to merge all these facets into an interactive gaming experience that uses DeFi and NFT gaming. The popularity and uniqueness of NFTs offers many opportunities in the future. By integrating NFTs into DeFi gaming, MOBOX shows that the possibilities of blockchain technology are endless and that more and more is possible!

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