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What is Icon? How To Buy, Expectations And Predictions. Everything You Need To Know About ICX

What is ICON?

ICON is a relatively new blockchain project that has adopted the coin of the same name ICON as its currency. So easy! The coin ICON is also known by the ticker ICX. So if you come across one of the two, you know that it means the same token.

Quite a few blockchain projects have sprung up over the past few years. That is of course wonderful, because it ensures that there is broader support for blockchain. At the same time, most blockchains all have their own type of network, their own coins and it is particularly applicable in the environment in which the blockchain itself was once built.

ICON wants to be an exception to that. ICON is a project that aims to become the largest decentralized network on the blockchain. They want to do this by creating a large number of different communities and in this way ensuring that all ICON blockchain projects can communicate with each other via smart contracts . They also ensure that data can be transferred from one blockchain to another blockchain.

But what about that? And what is the origin of the ICON Coin? What does the ICON price do and perhaps most importantly: Where and how can you buy ICON? You can read everything about the ICON/ICX token in this extensive explanation about ICON.


At the end of 2017, the ICO for ICON was launched. Originally, the plan was to raise about $43 million with the ICO within 20 days. With that, the ICON ICO became the largest ICO launched in Korea to date. Since the ICO, the yield for early investors has not been wrong at all.

Investors could choose to invest with Bitcoin or invest with Ethereum . The Bitcoin investors have made a profit of 3.34 times. The Ethereum investors have earned 7.29 times their stake.

ICON Chart

The ICON price was still pretty erratic in the course of 2017 and 2018 around the ICO, but has now and for some time shown a fairly lateral shift. However, it is difficult to accurately predict the ICON price. ICON has quite a bit of potential and that is precisely the reason that many traders still keep the ICX tokens in their wallet. At the same time, ICON itself is doing relatively little marketing at the moment, which is reflected in the price of the ICX coin.

It is therefore difficult to predict whether the price of the ICON has seen better days or is preparing for a major revival. When a large party decides to get started with the concept of ICON, this can lead to a significant revival of the price.

Explanation ICON

Icon ensure that multiple Communities can work with eachother by exchange information to their blockchain. So you can actually see ICON as the ferry between many small islands. This has everything to do with the fact that ICON considers it important that data and data from different blockchains can be exchanged with each other.

As its own example, ICON itself mentions examples from medical science. Suppose that in the future a blockchain method is used to store medical data, the data of patients will be stored on a single blockchain, namely that of the hospital. This hospital then acts as one entity or one community.

It should also be possible to obtain a referral from a general practitioner to a healthcare institution or a hospital via the ICON method a lot easier, faster and safer than is still the case today. In Europa things are pretty good with health care and the guarantee of our privacy, but this is slightly different in other countries.


In some countries, you can request a second opinion from one hospital in another hospital? Virtually this would be impossible without waiting a considerable amount of time for the data to be sent from one hospital to another. As a result, the waiting time for you as a patient will increase enormously. Each hospital has its own blockchain and therefore their own community, so it takes time to send the data from Hospital A to Hospital B.

With ICON, all these problems will be solved. So different blockchains can communicate with eachother, without affecting the customers.

ICON wallet

Don’t want to use your ICON for trading, or do you prefer to store them securely? Then it is best to use an ICON wallet. You can usually go two different ways in terms of ICON wallet. Either you choose an external software or you choose a hardware wallet . A hardware wallet is always the safest ICON wallet to store your ICON tokens. A popular hardware wallet is the Ledger Nano .

Would you rather go for a software wallet? Then ICON and ICON have wallets that you can use via Google Chrome: the ICONex. This is a good option to investigate. The biggest advantage of a software ICON wallet is that the wallet is free. However, they are less secure than the hardware ICON wallets.

The least secure option is to leave your ICON tokens on the exchange . As soon as your ICX tokens are on an exchange, you run the risk that the exchange will be hacked or that due to a DDOS attack about freezing from a federal investigation, you can no longer access your ICX coins temporarily or permanently. If you want to park your ICON tokens at any cost on a reliable exchange? Then choose the cryptocurrency exchange Binance .

ICON Social media

ICON is all about connecting multiple communities. And they don’t stop at connecting the different ICON blockchains. ICON believes in the power of social media. They are connected to the platforms ICON twitter and there is even an ICON Reddit. You can of course also find them via the ICON coinmarketcap.

So are you curious about the company’s progress or the latest ICON news? Then you can go to one of their fairly active social media channels to stay informed of the latest ICON developments!


Do you want to buy ICON? Then there are now many platforms and brokers that allow this. Buying ICON is incredibly simple. The easiest for Dutch customers is to do this via the Bitvavo exchange. You can easily create an account here. After you have linked your bank account, it is possible to deposit euros via IDEAL.

After you have topped up your account with euros (or other cryptocurrencies) you can immediately buy your ICON coins. Have you made a profit and do you want to collect this profit? Sell ​​your ICON token again on Bitvavo and transfer the profit back to your bank account free of charge.
buy ICON? Buy them directly on Bitvavo!

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