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What is Explanation MCO course and forecast and everything you need to know about MCO

If you want to spend your cryptocurrencies on a daily basis, it can be interesting to use a special bank card for this purpose. There are several players in this sector, including Coinbase and Wirex. But today we introduce you to (formerly Monaco) and its token, the MCO! Let’s explore the many possibilities of this project together and see how you can use them.

What is (MCO)?

The MCO token is an integral part of an ecosystem set up by the company, formerly known as Monaco. The goal is very simple: to facilitate the use, in everyday life, of the crypto-assets at your disposal. To achieve this, the company allows its customers to open accounts that have wallets associated with their crypto assets, as well as “classic” bank accounts.

Customers are then given a VISA bank card, which can be used anywhere at no special cost to the user. When this card is used, makes the conversion between cryptocurrency and fiat currency according to the market rates at the time of the transaction and pays the trader in their local currency, whatever it is.

In this way, customers can use their crypto assets to make purchases from anywhere in the world, without having to perform exchange transactions.

However, the utility of the MCO token remains secondary. At the moment, the card mainly serves to let you benefit from a cheaper bank card if you have a large number of MCOs:

  • Higher withdrawal limits
  • Cashback on your purchases
  • VIP lounges at airports
  • Affiliate bonus if you suggest friends to sign up too

But the investments to be made are consistent: so, to take advantage of the best card, it will be necessary to immobilize for six months the sum of 50,000 MCO tokens, that is, at the moment, a little less than $100,000.

The MCO tokens will also allow benefits at a later stage from credits, the amount of which depends on the number of tokens one owns, and which will serve as a guarantee for obtaining the loan. However, the lending service is not yet operational.

Finally, it should be noted that the range of crypto assets accepted by is not great for now: only 7 lucky ones are part of the list. These are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Binance Coin, and the two crypto assets issued by the MCO token, as well as its little brother, the CRO (which we will also talk about further in this article).

The CRO is different from Monaco. It is a coin and not a token. In other words, it has its own blockchain. The aim is to enable to provide any trader who wishes to do so with an interface that allows for payments in crypto assets on their site. Since this system is not yet operational, the CRO is currently only used for speculation.

How do you get a Monaco payment card?

First, you need to download the Monaco app (available on Android/iOS) and then follow the registration process to receive a card. The card is sent free of charge and can be used both on the Internet and in more than 30 million stores worldwide.

Using the card makes it possible to take advantage of advantageous interbank rates. estimates that compared to cards issued by traditional banking groups, $30 to $40 can be saved on withdrawals/expenses of around $500.

The MCO Token

MCO is the token issued to investors during the ICO conducted in 2017 by (Monaco at the time). This ICO was successful and more than 25 million US dollars were invested. Today, the market cap of the MCO token is over $309 million, ranking it 169th in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. This token is currently trading at approximately $19 per token. It is currently available and traded on more than 29 platforms, such as Binance, Bittrex or Huobi.

But these numbers give us no information about the usefulness of this token at the heart of the project. First of all, the token has to be locked in the wallet of the users so that they can access the different levels of MCO bank cards. It is also in MCO that the cashbacks from cards are rewarded. Finally, you can earn interest on your MCO tokens by blocking them on the application. The interest is 6 to 8% on an annual basis, depending on the number of blocked tokens.

In reality, many features of the project are based on the blocking of funds in MCO tokens. Not only do you get interested, but you also get access to other benefits through your MCOs. The airdrops on the application are calculated according to the number of MCO, as well as the rewards from stacking other tokens. Soon you will even be able to vote for the next cryptocurrency or currencies to be added to the app.

How can you buy MCO?

Do you want to buy MCO? You can do that on various exchanges. We recommend that you do this on a major crypto exchange such as Binance or Bitvavo. These exchanges have high liquidity, so you can always buy MCO. In addition, these are also very safe crypto exchanges. The chance of things going wrong on these platforms is very small.

It is also possible to buy MCO from decentralized exchanges (DEXs), although it is a lot more difficult to make a purchase here. For example, if something goes wrong on Uniswap or Sushiswap, you cannot go to a help desk or service desk. And the chance of things going wrong is considerable because you have to go through many more steps. That is why we recommend that you choose Binance or Bitvavo.

How do you store MCO tokens?

MCO is a well-known and widely used cryptocurrency. It is also an ERC-20 token, which runs on the Ethereum blockchain. That is why you can store MCO in almost any online wallet. Think of the wallet of the crypto exchange you use. In most cases, it is also possible to store MCO on a hardware wallet, although this will differ per brand and type of wallet. Therefore, take a good look at the supported coins of the hardware wallet that you use (or want to buy), so that you are sure that you can store MCO on the cold wallet.

The CRO Token

While the MCO token is more focused on how and its bank cards work, the team has developed a second token for financial and trading-related functions. In fact, it is even a blockchain that has developed for this purpose, of which the CRO is the token of use. This token has a developed ecosystem on which we can count on about twenty exchange platforms and most of the community wallets.

But as a utility token, it also benefits from being used by clients of services. Most of these are still focused on the three themes of the project: trade, finance and payments. For example, you can become a validator of this chain and get interest from your CROs, but also a very interesting cashback as up to 20% of your purchases, 10% for prepaid cards and transfer between friends.

But the CRO token is also intended as a way to discover decentralized finance (DeFi) by offering you features of this ecosystem. Striking is also part of it and you can expect up to 18% annualized interest with Crypto Earn. Finally, you get a discount on the fees of the exchanges and privileged access to the latter’s IEO offers. This token shares many points with, for example, Binance ‘s BNB token, and we can expect more features in this direction in the future.

The benefits of the payment card

Cashback is not the only benefit that offers to its users. You can also subscribe to Spotify music and Netflix video services for free. This offer is valid for basic accounts ($9.99 for Spotify, $12.99 for Netflix) whose subscriptions are paid for with the card.

But for the more advanced tiers, it’s extra cashback of up to 10% of purchases made on Expedia and Airbnb. They will also be able to enjoy access to partner airport lounges for themselves and one of their loved ones. Benefits are highly focused on leisure activities that offers to its users.

Finally, a top-up of the card gives you access to higher limits for cash withdrawals and bank transfers at no cost. With the free card, you can still withdraw $200 monthly and transfer $2000 interbank at no cost. The fee for transactions above the monthly limits is 2% for withdrawals and $0.5 for transfers.

Loans and investments

Following the example of various decentralized financing protocols, offers its users the opportunity to take out loans in cryptocurrency. There is nothing revolutionary about the way these loans work, as they are based on a system of collateral. So you can only borrow money by blocking funds in advance. The value of your blocked funds determines your ability to borrow on the application.

The ratio differs according to the nature of these blocked agents. Obviously, MCO and CRO tokens are the most interesting with a 50% collateral-to-loan ratio. If you deposit $10,000 in MCO, you can borrow $5,000, which will be delivered to you in PAX or TUSD. The ratio drops to 40% for Bitcoin collateral and 30% when it comes to ETH and XRP . The costs for these loans are calculated based on the number of OTCs that you have blocked in your wallet. These costs range from 12% per year if you have no OTCs in your wallet, to 8% if you have 500 or more OTCs blocked.

But you can also access an investment system developed by the team. It consists of different auto trading strategies depending on your needs and risk appetite. Accessible from just $20, you can select any of these strategies directly in the app and watch the trades happen automatically based on the market. You can withdraw your funds from these strategies at any time without penalty, but they are designed to work over a 3-6 month period. There are no fixed costs for the investments made, but for the profit made with this function. These too are more interesting by staking MCO tokens. So they are 8% on profit with MCOs and 18% without.

Exchange platform

Recently, has announced a great novelty that expands its panel of already very numerous features. Even if exchanges were possible via the application, third-party services were used and additional costs were charged. has therefore introduced its own exchange platform. But what are the characteristics of this exchange platform and what are the interests in using it?

If relies on its one million users to use their platform, it is not just the integration with the app that will convince them to change their trading habits. Besides the synergy of this platform with the tokens of and especially the CRO, the fees of the latter are relatively low.

The cost of the exchange platform

The calculation of these fees is done in relation to several parameters: firstly, the user’s exchange volume over the last 30 days in increments of $0 to $100,000,000, and secondly, the number of CROs you have in your wallet, thirdly. if you pay these fees through these CROs (similar method as the exchange platform Binance).


So much for this explanation about the project and its two tokens MCO and CRO. Although initially presented itself as a way to store your cryptocurrencies on your mobile and spend them with a bank card, the project has evolved a lot since then. Between a name change and the many features added to the roadmap, it’s time to represent this player in the crypto ecosystem, which now has two tokens, a feature-rich wallet, a bank card, and even an exchange. is one of the major players in promoting cryptocurrencies to the general public by simplifying its use. With their mobile app, bank cards and own network, they are able to make the connection between the cryptocurrency ecosystem and the daily use of cryptocurrencies.

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