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What is Aquarium? How To Buy, Expectations And Predictions. Everything You Need To Know About Aquari

The developments of blockchain technology are accompanied by an increasing variety of applications. We see more and more community projects in the DeFi ecosystem that contribute to a higher cause and use these new financial developments to make charitable donations. Aquari is a new cryptocurrency built on the Binance Smart Chain that aims to combine current crypto technology with a non-profit organization to restore the polluted water on Earth.

What is Aquarium?

It has now become clear that the large-scale adoption of blockchain technology can change the world in several ways. Have you ever donated money to a good cause, for example to restore the oceans? This is always accompanied by unnecessary third parties, so you never have transparency about where your donation ends up and what it is used for. With the great access to information that we all have, more and more is coming out about the true status of our oceans. The Netflix series ‘Seaspiracy’ has left an indelible impression for many.

At times, these responsibilities are transferred to the government , with all decision-making being taken at the bureaucratic level. They say that these decisions are nothing more than a political game of poker. But what if we can use blockchain technology to contribute to this cleanup? Aquari has been operational since the end of April 2021 and is often referred to as a promising project because of its intrinsic goals. However, it is still essential to do your own research before investing.


The pursuit of profit is central to any industry. Even fighters for a clean ocean fall prey to capitalism where the fight for a better environment is not optimal. Aquari’s goal as a crypto is to connect this profit motive with environmental protection. With a global market capitalization of $2.26 trillion, this is a dynamic industry that offers many opportunities and can make many things possible. But unfortunately many projects do not have a (scalable) use case and are only designed as MEME -coin or hype-coin without pursuing a greater goal.

The latter questions the effective value of a currency. Many of these tokens have no value of their own other than acting as a means of making transactions, but this coin is essentially worth little. When the interest in a hype coin wanes, the investors are left with meaningless assets.


Aquari creates a crypto that has an intrinsic value with their native Aquari token. A percentage of the capital raised is immediately made available for the purchase of equipment, the recruitment of specialists and workers who all strive to clean the polluted water.

They claim that the non-profit part of Aquari’s organization is not the only party that will benefit from this. People drink water every day and everyone benefits from clean water to keep our climate and the earth healthy. They therefore hope that people will recognize this widely and that this will attract investors’ attention. Due to these investments, the price will also be positively influenced.

The appreciation of Aquari is that every individual can make his or her voice heard in the fight for a better cleanup of the oceans. For the first time in history, individuals can make their crypto assets directly available in support of the ecological well-being of the planet. It is already possible to donate crypto to a good cause, but never before has it been possible to invest in a charitable organization yourself. In this way, the protocol wants to make the profits made available to the environment.


At the time of writing, the Aquari protocol has a total market cap of nearly $20 million and we see this number growing. Through tools such as Binance Smart Chain Scan, we can find out how many investors are currently involved in the protocol. At the time of writing, they have 7,563 tokenholders with one investor owning 43.75% of the tokens.

We see more and more community protocols emerging where investors are given more and more control over the protocol and where they are also rewarded with tokens that are made with every transaction. To put the community at the center, several tokenomics models were designed to look at the best possible output for investors. The community has therefore made the choice itself:

Each transaction is accompanied by a transaction fee of 10%. We see this token structure increasingly common in projects such as Safemoon . This 10% is then divided:

  • 4% is burned
  • 3% will be redistributed to current tokenholders
  • 3% is sent to the donation wallet to fund the Aquari non-profit.

At the launch of the project, 47% of the tokens were already burned. In new protocols, token holders are more often rewarded with new tokens as they stick to the project. The team therefore hopes that in this way many investors will remain active in the project and thus contribute to the objectives.

Liquidity pool

The biggest challenge in the decentralized finance ecosystem is still providing sufficient liquidity. You can start locking your tokens to provide liquidity. These LP tokens are held by the protocol for one month to provide the necessary liquidity. 4% of the initial supply is also sent to the Aquari wallet to cover the costs necessary for the project to be successful. This includes marketing, development team support and further support to enable sufficient liquidity for the Aquari Foundation.


Aquari is a token built on the Binance Smart Chain and tradable on the PancakeSwap decentralized exchange . We also see that more and more protocols are opting for the Binance Smart Chain to keep trading costs low if they are still high in the Ethereum network. Due to these low trading costs, the protocol also hopes for greater accessibility to potential investors.


When a new protocol is launched in the crypto market, everyone is naturally curious about the vision of the project, but also about the roadmap. After all, you only invest in a solid project that you believe offers good prospects for the future. They have divided their roadmap into 4 different phases, whereby they have already achieved a number of objectives:

Phase 1

  • Launching on the DEX of PancakeSwap: since the end of April it is possible to trade Aquari on this decentralized exchange. In doing so, they have immediately achieved an important first objective
  • Listing CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap: These are often a database for all existing protocols so it is important for the protocol to be included in this list as well.
  • Realizing a first donation

Phase 2

  • Contact other exchanges to be listed on both decentralized and central exchanges.
  • They want to develop a community vote system where you can decide for yourself which charity the next donation will go to. This gives the native token a governance function.
  • They want to design merchandise that is offered in the market and can be bought with both Aquari and FIAT money. This will be an additional revenue stream from the project.

Phase 3

  • In addition to supporting related charities, they also want to set up their own charity to support ocean cleanups worldwide.
  • They also want to use this community as a network to encourage people living in the same region to conduct an ocean cleanup themselves.
  • Aquarium NFT. The NFT hype continues to exist and Aquari also wants to develop in the market for non-fungible tokens in due course.

Phase 4

  • Recurring is the ambition to be listed on the largest exchanges worldwide. This shows that they have great ambitions and want to attract the attention of investors worldwide
  • Create your own platform where investors can trade charity tokens and also receive education about the oceans
  • They want to expand their own charity organization even more and settle in countries where they need help the most. They want to involve the local community in this in order to improve the local economy as well.


Aquari originated from a collaboration between 5 young entrepreneurs, 3 co-founders are located in California, USA and the other 2 in Warsaw, Poland. It is striking that it is a very young team, with rather limited experience in development and/or blockchain. In addition, for such a large project, they have few connections through their LinkedIn. It remains to be seen whether they can achieve all the promising objectives.


It is always important to start researching the community of a protocol. The more credibility they get on social platforms, the more hopeful investors are about the project. Even though the project hasn’t been live for a month, we’re checking out the socials here.

Facebook : 114 followers

Twitter : 3,408 followers

Telegram : 3,961 followers

It’s also hard to judge right now based on their built up community.

Aquari (Aquari) Chart



We currently live in a crypto landscape where a lot of projects are launched and where it is becoming increasingly difficult to determine which project has a chance of success. The current tokenomics is a structure that we see more often in which tokenholders are rewarded with native tokens with every transaction that is made. In this way, the protocol aims to bind current investors.

The reason why this very young project is attracting so much attention and why many investors are hopeful about this project is the connection between blockchain technology and the possibilities for ecological restoration of the environment and the oceans. The protocol has only just been operational and has a long way to go. The first months will therefore provide more clarity about the protocol. Investing in Aquari is therefore a long-term investment in which you contribute to the well-being and recovery of the earth.

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