• Market Cap: $1,336,486,595,597.53
  • 24h Vol: $97,421,184,829.51
  • BTC Dominance: 42.96%

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ICO NameKoakuma
Start DateMay 10, 2022
End DateMay 11, 2022
1 Week ago

Koakuma is an multiplayer online ARPG game with immersive combat systems and mechanics within a graphics intensive metaverse. Koakuma is a P2E Gamefi 2.0 project packed with lots to explore and earn and designed for users all around the world where players fight in epic battles using specially designed NFT assets. Players act as a witcher in the game and will acquire various digital assets as they proceed through the Koakuma metaworld. The game is unique with various features that will ensure long term gameplay participation with legendary equipment, mysterious dungeons, ancient treasures discoveries and challenges throughout.

Read more about our partnership with @Koakuma_Game: 🔽

📝 Koakuma Development Diary #18📝

Grave Digger, the new Elite Monster of #Koakuma

His appearance is like that of a bull 🐂, and he also had strong limbs 🦵

If you see him on the road, run away quickly, this guy is too dangerous 😱

More updates coming, please keep an eye 👀!



#Koakuma has formed a partnership with @BabylonsNFT 🤩

BabylonsNFT is a leading NFT Platform on BSC. The Ultimate #GameFi Destination

We anticipate reaching new heights as a result of this 🤝

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IDO Upcoming
ICO NameKoakuma
Start DateJuly 21, 2022
End DateJuly 22, 2022